Monday, 18 April 2016

The Most Expensive Watche: MB & F HM4 Final Edition

Watches not merely as a pointer of time , more than it watches to make someone look more attractive impression. Because of that a lot of the world renowned watches were issued produkdengan very high price in order to satisfy the desires of the customers gar can perform optimally. Here is an article about the world's most expensive watches.

MB & F HM4 Final Edition is released in the market in a limited number of just 8 pieces . This limited edition luxury watches are equipped with MB & F horological machine and selling in the market began in 2010. The watch is made of titanium has a black exotic forms with a horizontal window to indicate the time, and the window to act as a reserve force in moving gear clockwise through mechanical movement. This limited edition watch enthusiasts must spend of USD 230,000.

 Source : Fashion Advice

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